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    Regarding ROK account transactions


        We publish account sales information for customers for free, and sellers contact customer service staff to provide information including 4 pictures. Please describe the role information as much as possible (main castle level and number of troops, 4 troop levels and numbers, various commander levels and equipment, etc.), and inform the customer service whether your customer is an Android or ios device, or a Korean client ( You do not need to provide your login information). We will release sales information for you within 12 hours. Please keep your contact information (LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skepy, etc.).
        Each account we publish has the seller’s contact information. Buyers can directly contact the seller to consult the account details and negotiate the price and trade. If the transaction between the buyer and the seller requires our guarantee, we need to charge additional fees to the seller.

    Please note: We do not guarantee the reputation of the seller. If there is any problem in the private transaction without our website guarantee, the buyer and seller shall bear the responsibility.