Gold Mixed resources


       Regarding a large number of resource transactions, because the game limits the number of resources that can be delivered quickly, a large number of resource transactions need to join the customer's alliance, or the customer can join our alliance and stay for 48-72 hours. To deliver resources.

    1. Before placing an order, please consult the customer service staff to understand the restrictions of this transaction.
    2. When placing an order, fill in the correct kingdom and role name and email or other social software ID. Before providing RSS, we will notify you through these methods.
    3. After receiving the delivery notice, please log in to the website within 24 hours to contact the online customer service staff and provide your order number. Customer service staff can arrange transportation resources for you in time.
    4.When the transaction is completed, strictly enforce the transaction rules. If the resources are deducted within 72 hours, please contact the customer service staff to provide the image information in time, and we can arrange compensation for you immediately.