About Rise of kingdoms

        Compared to SLG games, ROK maps play closer to MOBA, but what is exciting is that ROK allows players to march freely on maps with hundreds of thousands of other players. Players are free to deploy your troops to mine minerals, collect food, and attack temples with players. The game includes PVE and PVP modes. Line up according to the enemy's different formations. The enemy can retreat at any time if it fails to fight, and the equipment is ready to fight at any time.
        That's right, it's SLG strategy + super multiplayer MOBA-100,000 people fight  Empire Age for thousands of hours together.
    The battle process has been added to ROK, so that the hero skills and arms are richly matched, and the strategic depth is more fun to study. And different terrains such as rivers, mountains, etc. during the march will directly or indirectly affect your marching strategy.
       ROK is a mobile game with a civilized theme. We hope that players from all over the world can break through the restrictions of regions and time zones, experience different civilizations, and communicate with different cultures. can provide safe and fast transactions of gold, food, wood, and stone. Low prices can save you more.And here are the details about the transaction