Order process

    Recently, non-English speaking customers responded that they will not place an order. Today we have made an order process for GOG, please refer to it.(It is recommended to use Google Chrome and add extension translation plugin).(Chrome을 사용하고 확장 번역 플러그인을 추가하는 것이 좋습니다).(Рекомендуется использовать Google Chrome и добавить плагин для перевода расширений).

    1. Registered members.
    2. Login member.


    3. Place an order
    If you are a member, enter this link to place an order.

    (Members can get weekly discount packages and VIP discounts, please visit the VIP discount introduction.
    If you are not a member, go directly to this link and place an order.
    4. Choose the kingdom(Very important


    5. Select the items you need to buy.


    6. Settlement: Fill in the order, choose the payment method, and then pay.


    (Remarks: 1.Email; 2.Contact Tool;3.Fill in your specific needs here,For example:what time do you want to trade,Other circumstances;4.Your character name;5.Your castle coordinates,you can't fill it)


        Once the order is processed, please log in to the game immediately and our customer service staff will contact you within 15 minutes to assist you in completing the transaction.
    Or you keep the web chat (jivochat) online. Our customer service staff will contact you to help you complete the transaction.

     We declare again:

       We don't sell diamonds .our materials are all made by hand ,we have 10K farms and 50 teamworkers .no bot or hacker were used on production in order to guarantee the safety of your castle.

    we have 2 year's sale experience ,we never bring customers any trouble in this aspect . Please trust our serives and treasure your castle.