Guns of glory resource price adjustment

      In order to give back to our customers' support, our website decided to adjust the price of the guns of glory resource from now on, and adjust the weekly package to adjust it to a monthly package. Each member can purchase 4 silver and 4 iron packages and 4 food and wood mixed packages per week.

    The adjusted member package price

    5M silver=3.99usd

    20M iron=3.99usd

    100M food and 100M wood=6.99usd

    Non-member price:

    5M silver=6usd

    5M iron=1.5usd

    50M food= 3usd

    50M wood=2usd

       We only lower the price, the transaction security and the service will not be discounted. I hope that each of our customers can quickly upgrade the castle and improve their strength. Finally, I wish you all a happy time!