king or avalon solar(10001-10xxx)resources,Silver iron food and wood

        Recently, we launched the silver resources of KOA k10001-k10xxx kingdom. We can 100% ensure the safety of our customers' castles. The speed of resource delivery remains within 15 minutes. We provide 7 * 24-hour online service, and customers can solve any problems online in time.
    The following is the purchase link and purchase process for customer reference only:

    Solar food and wood and iron.

    Solar Silver and iron.

    • 1.Login members can get a discount of 2% - 10%. Of course, you can buy resources without login members, but there is no discount.

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    • 2.Select your kingdom and add items to the shopping cart. You can add the same item multiple times.

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    • 3.Fill in the delivery resource coordinates, there should be enough space around you, and our farm will move there.

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    • 4.Select the payment method and settle.

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    • 5.After placing the order, please contact the online customer service personnel, select jivochat in the lower right corner, and contact our online customer service personnel to assist you in completing the order.

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