Rise of Kindoms resources transaction introduction. introduces the rise of Kindoms resources transaction.
        1. We execute the seller's resource price after tax.
        2.Our transaction method is affiliate shipping
        3. We support multiple payment methods. (paypal, credit card, QIWI, Paysafecard, etc.)
        4. We are 24-hour online service. Most kingdoms can trade for 1-12 hours. purchase rise of Kindoms resources Note:
        1. Buyers need to join the alliance that has completed the hive (Union Fortress Center). Make sure the seller's farm castle can join your alliance for delivery.
        2. Please fill in your alliance, castle name, coordinates and other information when placing your order.
        3. Before placing an order, please contact customer service staff to understand your kingdom and your expected order quantity, and they will inform you of delivery time.
        4. After the seller places the order, please do not change the alliance and relocate the castle. Ensure your castle's safety and delivery speed. Please follow this rule, or the consequences will be serious.

    We wish every player and customer can have a happy shopping and grow fast in ROK games. Happy every day.