Rise of kingdoms How to get acceleration props in Rise of the Kingdom

    How to get acceleration props in Rise of the Kingdom

    Most people are thinking about how to increase the speed in "Rise of the Kingdom", and getting the props for acceleration is one of the most important things. You can do many different things to get accelerated props:

    accelerated props from In-game stores

    There are many different stores in ROK where you can get a nice amount of resources and accelerated props


    VIP Shop- Place where you can get tons of accelerated props. If you have some gems to spare you can buy them with gems and every week you can get them. Great thing is that you do not have to be a high VIP level to buy them with resources. You should also pick up the action points because you'll convert those into speed ups later on. If you do have extra gems spend buy 8 hours and 24-hour accelerated props. But remember to buy them only if you have max castle and VIP 14+


    Mysterious Merchant-She shows up randomly and you can trade either resources or gems for accelerated props. Here, the best thing to do is to trade resources for accelerated props but not your precious gems. Gem spending in Mysterious Merchant is for big whales.


    Alliance shop- Place where you will spend your individual credits to get accelerated props. Do not buy accelerated props that are under 3h because they are not worth it. You will get the most value with 3h accelerated props. But i would recommend you don' t spend any individual credits here on accelerated props because you can get more value if you spend them on migration passports, teleport, VIP.

    accelerated props from In-game activities

    There is a lot of in-game activities that will give you nice amount of accelerated props

    Daily quest line- has speed ups in addition to a gold key which can give you even more accelerated props. There are also some action points that you will convert to speedups later. On top of that if you finish the daily quest line you will receive 100 gems that you can spend where you want.

    Peerless scholar- you can go in and do this quiz event every single day and when you do that you get a small number of accelerated props. It all depends on how well you performed.

    Sunset Canyon- make sure you use your attempts every single day. Even if you lose you’re going to get some accelerated props and you have seasonal rewards. They are daily and weekly so you must push your ranking on sunset canyon.

    Barbarian camps and keeps– you can get a small number of accelerated props running around doing barbarian camps and keeps. The camps are in yellow the keeps are in red. To find barbarians keeps you must zoom out and you will see an exclamation point when they 're open. The key you should be doing every three days because you can have a very high chance of getting materials and accelerated props.

    Gold and Silver keys- they are a great way to get accelerated props but usually, you will get trash items because drop chance is low. On top of that, you will usually get research and building accelerated props that later you will not need when you get all buildings and research on the max level. But gold keys are a great way to obtain legendary commander sculptures.

    Action point- they are the best way to obtain accelerated props. You will get an insane amount of accelerated props from spending action points. Do not let your action points bar goes full. You want to get it every day, The most important thing is to save them for big events like kingdom vs kingdom.

    Whale alliance- if someone from your alliance by in-game stuff your alliance will receive gift chest that you can open. They can contain great rewards and accelerated props. You just have to be lucky with them.

    The above is a summary of some of the methods for obtaining acceleration props. If you have other ways, you can also leave a message for us in the comment section of the website

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