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    Charles Martel Talent Tree Builds And Pairs

      Charles Martel is one of the first infantry legendary commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms. Charles Martel is a commander that you must have. Great for rally, field fighting and defending buildings. Charles Martel will provide a good amount of infantry stats and counter damage.


    Charles Martel Pairings

    新闻16-01.png Richard

      One of the best duos for infantry in Rise of Kingdoms right now. I would recommend that you keep Richard as primary commander because you want to use Charles Martel as primary for defending buildings and city and Richard damage debuff is faster than Richard shield. Best is to keep Richard’s talents on infantry build and Charles Martel On Garrison. On open field fighting if people know how to play they will not focus you. If you get swarmed by 5 or more troops you will do more damage because of counter-attack if an enemy is not so much stronger than you. And one more tip is never run with a full infantry march because you can not escape and you will lose so many troops for nothing. While you run you do not generate rage. 1vs1 fighting is not worth it, you want your Richard to get swarmed for counterattack damage.

    新闻16-02.png Sun Tzu

      This is a duo you want to go with because you will use Richard and Alexander the Great duo. You can hit 5 targets at the same time and with Martel defense, you will be hard to kill. So do not be scared going in group fights with this combo. It’s great combo for Ark of Osiris because you will have group fights all the time.

    新闻16-03.png Eulji

      I would not use this duo because it is not so great. But if you do not have other commanders to use then go with this duo.

    新闻16-04.png Alexander the Great

      It is a nice duo because it will be hard to kill you. Ultimate tank duo. If you are F2p it’s hard to get this duo but if you are p2w you must have it, it’s so strong. And a bonus is that you will help your teammates with a shield from Alex.

    Charles Martel Skills

    新闻16-05.pngShield of Francia

    Rage Requirement: 1000

    Active Skill:Charles activates a shield that can absorb massive damage ( Damage Factor x)for the next 4 seconds. Also increases troops’ damage by x% while the shield is active.

    Upgrade Preview:

    Direct Damage Factor: 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000 / 1200

    Damage Bonus : 10% / 14% / 18% / 24% / 30%

      This is one of the strongest skills in Rise Of Kingdoms. With this skill, Charles Martel will absorb 1200 damage in 4 seconds and increase damage by 30% which is huge. Great skill against nuking commanders.

    新闻16-06.pngHeavy Infantry

    Passive Skill:Increases infantry units’ defense by x% and health x% .

    Upgrade Preview:

    Infantry Attack Bonus: 5% / 7% / 9% / 12% / 15%

    Infantry Defense Bonus: 5% / 7% / 9% / 12% / 15%

      A lot of infantry stats. You will get 15% bonus defense and 15% bonus health ( best stats in ROK). On top of that this passive skill will be increased when you max Charles Martel and you will get 20% of defense and health and 20% march speed which is great because infantry troops are slow especially if you are using tier 4 or tier 5 troops.

    新闻16-07.pngThe Uncrowned King

    Passive Skill:Increases watchtower defense by x% and garrison damage by when this commander is serving as a garrison commander.

    Upgrade Preview:

    Watchtower Defense Bonus- 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

    Garrison Attack Bonus- 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10%

      This skill is ok for new servers but later it will not make a big difference. Overall ok passive skill.

    新闻16-08.pngMartel’s Counterattack

    Passive Skill:Increases troops’ counterattack damage by x%.

    Upgrade Preview:

    Counterattack Damage Bonus

    10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30%

      This skill is great. You will return 30% of damage back to the enemy. This is great against commanders that are dealing nuke damage on top of that this makes Martel hard to kill.

    新闻16-09.pngRise from the Ashes

    New Passive Skill:Increases infantry units’ defense by 20%, health by 20%, and march speed by 20%.

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