How to Develop Your Town

    How to Develop Your Town

      The objective in Rise of Kingdoms is to develop your town so that you can eventually start raising an army and actively participate in the more engaging aspects of the game such as PvP and combat, in general. However, while it’s easy to just build whatever comes to mind until you have a decent town, there are ways to optimize your efforts so that you can progress efficiently. 


      The single most important structure in Rise of Kingdoms is your City Hall. The level of every other structure in this game is tied to that of this central structure. In other words, no building can ever be of a higher level than your City Hall. One of the best tips for Rise of Kingdoms that anyone can give you is to focus on developing this building above all else, until at least level 5, when you unlock the second march slot, allowing you to send out two armies simultaneously.

      You will still need to continue developing your City Hall since you unlock quite a few other features by leveling it up, not to mention that you also gain access to stronger troops every few levels. However, a good stopping point is at level 5 since you’ll be able to gather resources quicker thanks to your second march slot. The third march slot is unlocked at level 11, the fourth at 17, and the fifth at 22. These are all important milestones that you should slowly work towards completing.

      You won’t really need to worry about developing your other buildings since this will come organically as you work towards upgrading your City Hall, especially since leveling your other structures is often a prerequisite for working on your central structure.


      A good tip for speeding up the construction of your town is by achieving VIP level 6, which is when you permanently unlock an additional worker slot, which allows you to build two structures simultaneously. You can gather VIP experience to increase your VIP level through many methods, though the fastest is by simply purchasing it with your gems, which brings us to our next point.

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