How To Get/Use Alliance and Individual Credits Fast-02

    How to get/use alliance and individual credits in Rise of Kingdoms-02


    What are Alliance Credits?

      Just like the Individual credits, Alliance credits are also very important in the Rise of Kingdoms. They can be used for so many things. And what’s even better, they’re not that hard to get. However, when you first create an alliance, you’ll see how difficult it will be to get all the way to 900k of alliance credits (that you’ll need in order to build an alliance fortress). But trust me when I say, that as the time passes by you’ll end up having millions in your alliance credits.

      The funniest thing is that you’ll literally have problems with spending them. Last but not least, I think it’s worth mentioning that the alliance needs to have a “full alliance with active members”. The math here is simple: More members = more alliance credits.

    How to get alliance credits?

      We’ve covered the basics of alliance credits. But when it comes to obtaining them, the story is pretty much the same as with the individual credits. Here’s how you can get alliance credits:

      With alliance help - Every time when someone uses alliance help to help with research or building, the entire alliance will receive alliance credits.

      Alliance technology donation- When alliance members donate to alliance technology research, the alliance will receive credits. The more members donate, the whole alliance will have more credits.

      Alliance building construction- Building flags, forts and resource points will also give you alliance credits. 

      Alliance chests from other members- When someone buys in-game packs the whole alliance receives a chest. In that chest, you have a chance to receive alliance credits 


    Where to spend alliance credits?

      How you spend alliance credits should mostly be determined by the age of your alliance (i.e. How old is an alliance?). As mentioned before, when you first create an alliance it will be quite hard to get credits. So good management of alliance credits should be your absolute number one priority.

      For newly created alliances you want to spend your credits on building fortresses and flags. On top of that, you should be completing the main research activities. It also doesn’t hurt to add the teleport in the alliance shop so your players can teleport on an alliance territory.When it comes to “older” alliances that will finish research activities soon (or have already managed to do that), the only thing you can really do is to  fill your alliance shop with items. Just be careful not to spend all of your alliance credits. You will need them later for KVK to build forts and flags.

      There are couple of ways on how you can spend alliance credits :

      Building – Invest alliance credits into building fortress, flags, resources points and researching alliance technology. Every 10 flags that alliance builds will cost more and more. Fortress 1 will cost 900k credits, Fortress 2 will cost 4.5m and fortress 3 will cost you a staggering 9m credits. However, you can reduce costs by researching alliance technology. 

      Restocking items- Alliance leaders and officers can spend alliance credits to add items to the alliance shop. In an alliance shop, all members can spend individual credits to buy items.

      Alliance Researching- When alliance gets the required amount of donations it will be able to do research.

      Repairing buildings- During war your alliance-building will be under attack. If the attack succeeds your building will be on fire. As the time goes by your building will lose durability. If you want to extinguish the fire and save your alliance building, you can use alliance credits or gems to do so.

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