About buy ROK resources

    1.registered member

      Members have discounts, the discount range is 1%-10%.

    2.Login member

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    3.Choose Kingdom

    4. Add items to cart


    5.Fill Order

     (1)Email:Customer service staff uses email to notify you of receiving resources.

     (2)Chat tool: You can fill in Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Facebook(Please pay attention to fill in your country code), customer service staff can notify you to obtain resources through the instant chat tool.

     (3)Trade Method:100M, please choose the attack to obtain resources. Above 100M, please choose the alliance transportation method

     (4)Your castle name, alliance, Governor ID.

     (5)Coordinate.If it is an attack to obtain resources, the coordinates of the delivered resources should be filled in here. You specify this coordinate, but it cannot be in any alliance       territory.

     (6)If you have other information to add, you can fill in here.



      Choose a payment method you can use to pay.

    7.After the payment is completed, contact the online customer service staff in time and provide your order number. They will arrange the delivery resources for you.

       If it is a 100M order, we can prepare the resources for you within 30 minutes to 1 hour.
       If the order is more than 300M, we use the shipping method. If you or your farm directly join our alliance, then we can start shipping 48 hours after joining the       alliance. During this time your farm or your castle cannot leave the alliance.
       If you can't join our alliance, we will join your alliance by a farm after 48 hours and wait for 48 hours to start transporting resources to you. It takes 96 hours to complete an order.

    8.We implement after-tax resources, so you don’t have to worry about tax rates.
       You can get 100M resources when you place an order of 100M.
       You can get 500M resources when you place an order of 500M.

    9.Regarding the issue of the customer page payment using credit card, if you jump to the paypal payment page. As shown below, you can click the position indicated by the arrow below to continue payment.



                                                                                                                         other problems


    1.How to get gifts?        

            After registering as a member, please contact the online customer service staff to tell us your alliance name and coordinates. You can attack our castle to get gifts. The castle level that accepts gifts must be higher than C22.

    2.Can I collect gifts multiple times?      

        A castle can only accept membership gifts once, not multiple registrations.

    3.Can resource prices be reduced?        

         The price of selling resources on the website is already very cheap, so it cannot be discounted again.

    4.Who bears the fees charged by the system?        

        The rate charged by the system is borne by the website.

    5. Purchase resource security and after-sale protection customers, we can guarantee the security of your account. If there are any problems, the funds you spent on purchasing resources on the website will be fully refunded or compensated.