Rise of kingdoms Tribal Village And Mysterious Cave Guide

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      Scouting Tribal Village And Mysterious Cave in Rise of Kingdoms is the most important thing that you must do as a new player. It’s not hard to Scouting the entire map and it will take some time but rewards are great.

    How to scout Mysterious Cave easy

      First, try to upgrade the scout camp. It will save you so much time. When you enter the rise of kingdoms, the first thing that you want to do is to send scouts to explore.

      You can send 3 scouts so you need to plan how to send them.Try to send them in different directions. Do not let your scouts return home. While you are waiting for you to come to the location you must look for the next cave that you will scout.If you are going offline or going to sleep send them to the end of the map. 

      There are 3 different levels of Mysterious Cave and each level will give you different rewards. Keep on the mind that your scouts can not be attacked while you are trying to explore Mysterious Cave.


    Tribal Village

      There is a lot of tribal villages on the map, it will take you a lot of time to collect all tribal villages. But it is worth it.To collect rewards from tribal villages you need to tap on the floating icon above them. You can only receive one reward per tribal villages

      From tribal villages, you can receive resources like wood and food, speedups, tier 1 troops, or low level economy technology. 

      If you are doing a jumper account you must find time to collect all tribal villages and scout all mysterious caves because it will give you a huge start.


    How to find Tribal Villages And Mysterious Caves


      The first thing you want to do is zoom out of the map. Then you have to change the map view from alliance to explore Then you can start finding them. 

      First focus on one zone. If you start clearing more zones at the same time you will make a mess and lose more time trying to find Tribal Villages And Mysterious Caves that you did not scout.


      Rewards for scouting Tribal Villages And Mysterious Caves are so good. You can get speedups, troops, resources, and much more.Rewards are great but the only thing is that takes time to clear the Rise Of Kingdoms map. You have to explore the whole map if you are making a jumper account.

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